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Crew Figures for Ship Modelling


In order to bring the final realistic touch to your model boats, New CAP Maquettes offers a wide range of figurines to assemble and paint, imagined, designed and manufactured in its workshop at Nantes.   


Our resin figures can be modified according to your inspiration with our assortment of single heads. Finely molded, they will complement your models.  


In the Amati and Mantua ranges, you will find series of metal sailors, to paint, for your period ships.   


Graupner sailors and deck staff figures are made of plastic and painted.


To get the most out of your New CAP Maquettes figures, you need to follow a few basic principles:  


  • degrease the parts with acetone before assembly
  • proceed to assembly using cyanoacrylate glue
  • cover any imperfections with a putty like Simprop
  • apply an even coat of white or grey enamel, ideally with an airbrush to preserve the details of the sculpture. This primer will be the basis for painting
  • you can paint your figure with oil or acrylic paints
  • in order to give volume and relief to your figure, do not hesitate to accentuate the shadows by the complementary colour of the base colour and to make a few lights on the parts which catch the light
  • the dilution of the enamel paints (oil paints) with thiner facilitates the application by brush