Prenez la vie côté maquettes !

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New CAP Maquettes


The New CAP Maquettes® adventure started in December 2014 after the purchase of CAP Maquettes® by Tristan Algrin.
The acquisition of New Maquettes® and Navig® brands enlarged the port-folio of the company in March 2015.
The New CAP Maquettes® logo illustrates the fusion of these three brands, very well-known and recognized by model boats’ fans.


Tristan Algrin has been practicing model making from many years. After the figurine, he evolves to the reproduction of armored vehicles, particularly French 14-18, scale 1/72. Many medals have rewarded his creations and dioramas. Since then, he has discovered with enthusiasm naval model making.


Thanks to New CAP Maquettes SAS®, Prenez la vie côté maquettes !

You will find :


  • complete kits to build  
  • everything to create your own model boat by yourself: plans, timber, carbon, metals, plastics, resin, hardware, hardware and tools 
  • all the equipment of your boat: period and modern fittings and deck accessories, gear, weaponry, rigging, pulleys, masts and sails 
  • propellers, motors and radio control systems
  • figurines 


New CAP Maquettes SAS® remains the leading French manufacturer of modern deck accessories.

We produce resin and plastic accessories and figures, fittings and rigging blocks for modern radio controlled boats and sailing yachts. Since June 2015, we produce New Maquettes® model boats and fittings.
New CAP Maquettes SAS® distributes Aero-Naut®, Amati®, A2Pro®, Billing Boats®, Corel®, Dusek®, Graupner®, Jamara®, Josway®, Maxx®, MFA®, MRC®, Prince August®, Proxxon®, Rabboesch®, Revell®, UHU®, ZAP® ...


The New CAP Maquettes SAS® Team:

  • Tristan Algrin runs the company.
  • Alexandra, our sales and accounting assistant, monitors and invoices your orders.
  • Gilles welcomes you every day from Monday to Friday in our showroom store. He advises and guides you at each step of your achievements by phone. He also manufactures many modern fittings.
  • Catherine is responsible for all resin manufacturing.
  • Ludo manages the production of kits and plastic fittings.
  • The whole of the team prepares and ships your orders.


To contact us:

New CAP Maquettes SAS

70, boulevard Marcel Paul

Tel: 33 (0) 2 40 43 91 11


Our showroom store is open every day from Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 18:00 (17:00 on Friday)