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La Toulonnaise

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Brand : COREL
Ref : 09.Toulonnaise
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French Schooner, 1823

Launched in Toulon on 13 August 1823, the Toulonnaise served in the Spanish War under Captain Joursin, was stationed at Barcelona and then sailed to Cadiz where it took part in the bombardment of the port. In 1832 it was completely overhauled at Brest and parts of the internal and external gunwales, the waterways and the planking of the deck were replaced and the entire poop deck superstructure was redone.


This model is based on drawings taken from a large size model in a famous French museum. 


  • Scale: 1/75
  • Length: 655 mm
  • Height: 450 mm


Detailed instructions.


Medium difficulty.


Delivered without glue, without paint.