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Queen - Wooden Sport Boat


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Queen is a semi-scale wooden boat from the 1960s.


During this period sports boats were still built from durable mahogany timber.
Aero-Naut has again adopted the proven hull design of their two models Classic Sportboat and Diva, but with increased size and a new superstructure. The side panels are glued permanently to the hull in order to provide effective ptrotection from spray. Access to the interior is gained by raising the cabin roof and lifting out the cockpit as a complete shell from the rear part of the hull. 


This model is an all-wood kit based on a hard-chine hull, which is a basic requirement for fast, straightforward building.


All the wooden parts are highly pre-fabricated, and are ready to be glued in place after a quick check for fit. The basic method of assembly is the same as that of the Classic Sportboat and Diva: the hull is built over a die-cut Depron sheet jig into which the bulkheads are inserted. Fitting the keel and the two fore-and-aft bearers completes the basic bulkhead framework. 


The model kit contains all the wooden parts required to build the model, together with fittings and propeller shaft. 


The ideal power plants for the model are the Race / Speed 600-700 series of electric motors.  


  • Length: 950 mm
  • Width: 315 mm