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2-Speed Scroll Saw DSH


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For cutting wood, plastic, plexiglas, glass fibre reinforced plastic, foam, rubber, leather or cork.


Cutting performance 50mm in wood
Cutting performance 30mm in plastic
Cutting performance 10mm in non-ferrous metals

Slender saw arm of die-cast aluminium for unobstructed view from top.
Air blower with adjustable air nozzle.
Sturdy table of die-cast aluminium (360 x 180mm), can be tilted by 45° for mitre sawing.
Base housing of cast steel for stability and working without vibrations.
Includes 5 each coarse and fine saw blades.

220 - 240 V.
Powerful, brushless 2-speed motor (205W).
Stroke alternatively 900 or 1,400 rpm.
Stroke length: 19mm
Throat: 400mm
Maximum cutting depth 50mm, at 45° mitre 25mm.
Weight approx.: 17kg