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Bellissima - Sailing Yacht

Order > Price :  335.00 €  

Gencod : 4012230105062
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Bellissima is an enlarged version of Bella sailing boat

Construction of the two models is identical, but the elegant Bellissima is bigger all round


This model is a uniquely beautiful vessel of mahogany construction. The hull is assembled from birch and mahogany plywood in a Depron jig plate. All the plywood parts are supplied laser-cut, which means that assembly can proceed very rapidly. Construction is extremely simple, and even the beginner to model-making will cope without difficulty.


Removing the roof provides good access to the internal RC system components as well as the generous cabin interior. The cockpit takes the form of a watertight shell, and the whole assembly can be removed by undoing a single screw.


The model kit contains comprehensive building instructions, plus all the wooden parts, fittings and sails required to build the model. The parts are laser-cut, with some die-cut.


Beginner Level 


  • Length : 1 200 mm
  • Width : 280 mm
  • Mast hight  : 1 370 mm
  • Foresail area : 14,8 dm²
  • Mainsail area : 29,1 dm²
  • Weight : 4,7 kg


The keel ballast is not included.