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Bella - Sailing Yacht


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Price :  245.00 €  

Ref : 10.BELLA
Gencod : 4012230102641
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Bella is a dream-boat, featuring a great deal of genuine mahogany timber.

Easy to build. 


The boat is of proven hard-chine construction, assembled on a Depron jig plate using a method introduced by aero-naut with the Classic boat. Construction is so simple that even beginners to building can successfully produce a good-looking model.


The detachable roof provides good access to the RC system components and the generous space inside the cabin. The cockpit insert takes the form of a watertight shell, and if necessary the entire insert can be removed by undoing a single screw: the hull is then open over the full length from mast to stern.


The model kit contains comprehensive building instructions, plus all the wooden parts, fittings and sails required to build the model. The parts are laser-cut, with some die-cut.


Beginner Level  


  • Length : 810 mm
  • Width : 235 mm
  • Mast height : 1 050 mm
  • Foresail area : 8,7 dm²
  • Mainsail area : 15,4 dm²