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Hobbywing QuicRun WP 880 Dual Brushed 80A Speed Controller


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Hobbywing QuicRun WP 880 Dual Brushed 80A Controller

Successor of the QuicRun WP860 with more power and more tuning options thanks to the optional programming box.

The QuicRun WP 880 double brush controller has two parallel outputs to which two motors with carbon brushes (brushed) can be connected, they can then be controlled synchronously.

The controller is optimally protected against water and dust for intensive use.

With the optional LED programming card, 15 menus with over 80 different settings are available for optimal controller tuning.

Control of 2 motors at the same time

BEC strong with 6V / 4A


15 menu items for personal controller settings

Adjustable PWM frequency

DEO technology for sensitive and efficient control behavior

Separate programming connection

Small, light and yet sturdy

Suitable for: 540/600/800 brushed motors

Continuous / short current: 80A / 400A


Number of cells: 2-4s LiPo / 5-12 cells NiMH / 6V + 12V PB

540/550 motor limit: 2s LiPo, 6s NiMH:> 12T or <30,000 rpm

LiPo 3s, NiMH 9s:> 18T or <20,000 rpm

Lipo 4s, NiMH 12s:> 24T or <15000 rpm

For 2-motor operation, use motors with lower revs accordingly

BEC: Switching mode: 6V / 4A

Battery connector: without

Motor socket: 4mm socket

Dimensions: 45.9 x 34.7 x 26.5 mm

Weight: 75g