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Needles and Nozzles for Airbrush A011

Order > Price :  18.61 €  


Ref : 44.AA025
Content : 1

Category : Accessoires et nettoyants   
Diameter : 0.5 mm  

Prince August Needles and Nozzles for Airbrush A011 

To remove the nozzle, unscrew the needle cap and the head then unscrew the nozzle to be replaced using the wrench. Then screw on the new nozzle using the wrench before screwing the head and the needle cap back on.  


To remove the needle, unscrew the airbrush handle. Loosen the chuck clamp screw. Remove the needle to be replaced. Then carefully insert the new needle until it stops. Tighten the chuck tightening screw then screw the handle of your airbrush back on.


Ref. Cond. Diameter Unit price TTC  
44.AA022 1 0.2 mm 18.61 €  
44.AA023 1 0.3 mm 18.61 €  
44.AA025 1 0.5 mm 18.61 €