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POLY-ZAP CA (Blue Label) - Medium Viscosity

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Brand : ZAP
Ref : PT22
Gencod : 87093004696
Content : 1  

POLY ZAP is a specialty CA adhesive developed for use on today’s newer plastics.

Lexan is one of the more difficult plastics to bond, and POLY ZAP was developed to solve that problem. It works on may types of films and painted surfaces. Its perfect for today’s ARF type models. ABS cowls, canopies, Lexan car bodies, fiberglass repair, model boat parts, and automotive trim are just a few of the many applications for POLY ZAP.


  • Medium viscosity
  • Multi purpose formula
  • Strong and flexible
  • Dries clear
  • Ideal for Lexan 


Works best on ABS, polycarbonate, Delron, nylon, fiberglass, rubber, Lexan, styrene, most acrylics. 


To prevent fogging of clear parts do not use a Kicker.


14 g
1/2 oz.