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Motors, Speed Controllers, Radio Controls for Model Making


The motorization is an important stage in the finalization of a model. To make your model sailing, you will need:  


  • a motor, join the propeller shaft by means of a coupling
  • a motor mount
  • a propulsion battery pack
  • a speed controller
  • one or more servos
  • a radio control

The motor is the main piece. The choice is based on the type of boat, the size of the model, its weight, the type and diameter of the propeller.
The MFA M540/12 motor is recommended for speedboats and runabouts. It can be fixed on the motor mount 46.726.  


The choice of the coupling is conditioned by the diameter of the motor axle and the diameter of the propeller shaft. New CAP Maquettes manufactures the joint coupling C4-3.2.


The battery pack also depends on the type of boat and its size, the voltage necessary for the proper operation of the motor. The A2Pro Ni-Mh battery ref. 08.33.7 is suitable for the MFA M540 motor. 


The speed controller is determined by the voltage of the battery pack and the intensity required for motor optimization.


The choice of the radio control system depends on the number of functions to be controlled. For a speedboat or a sailing boat, two channels are enough.  


The lighting of the lights, a steam generator, a sound module (without additional servo) can complete the assembly.