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Building Materials


Naval model making specialist, New CAP Maquettes advises you at each step of the realization of your model boat.  


We offer ship plans, many varieties of wood in dowels, strips, sheets, blocks, many brass, aluminium, copper, carbon rods, tubes and sheets as well as brass or plastic profiles. 


In the section Hardware, you will find abrasives, pore-filler, resin, putty, glues, paint and brushes.   


For all your creations, New CAP Maquettes offers: wood, micro screws, hinges, rivets for your show cases, doll houses, jewels, boomerangs, kites...  


Architectural designers and stage designers will find wood, metals, carbon, ropes, threads, pulleys, turnbuckles and hardware to build their models.   


Browse our wide range of tools: saws, sanders, drills, planes, burners, guillotines... We do not forget the essential manual tools: rigging tools, nailers, craft knives, files, hammers, micro-rulers and micro-shapers, pliers and tweezers, graters, screwdrivers ...