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Swan Class Sloop

H.M.S. FLY 1776 

The H.M.S. Fly was the fifth of the twenty-five Swan-class ships built between 1766 and 1780.

H.M.S. Fly, like the entire Swan class, was designed by Williams and built at the Sheerness shipyard, her keel was laid in January 1776 and she was launched on September 14, 1776.

Swan 6th class sloops were unusually attractive for this class of ship, with not only very clean hull lines but also an unusual amount of decoration for the size of the vessel. They were built just before the Admiralty issued orders to limit unnecessary costs, due to the apparently still ongoing war with France and other nations.

The H.M.S. Fly was commissioned mainly for convoy escort and shipping service. The H.M.S. Fly captured the French ship "Le Gleneur" in Portland after a long chase. In 1800, she captured another French ship, the cutter "Trompeur" at La Hague. She continued her career as a convoy escort until 1802, when she disappeared off Newfoundland.

The Swan class was 300 tons. She carried 125 officers and men, and initially carried 14 cannons (later 16) and 16 couleuvrines.

The original plans of the Fly still exist, and on these plans the kit is based.

The model includes high precision laser-cut wood parts, photoetched brass and copper parts, complete fittings. (Sails not included).

Very detailed scale drawing
Step-by-step assembly instructions

Length : 800 mm 
Height: 600 mm
Scale: 1/64
Level of difficulty: advanced
Supplied without base or brass supports. 

Delivered without glue or paint.