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Microflam Gas Soldering Set MGS

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For working with open flame or with catalyst unit in combination with adapters. For soldering, hot-cutting, woodburning and shrinking of sleeves.


Electronic piezo crystal lighter with safe on/off-gas flow switch.

Individually controllable gas and air supply.

Hard-soldering of delicate parts with flame temperatures up to 1,300 °C.

When working with tips up to 500 °C. Large gas tank (20ml) for long continuous work. Refillable with standard butane cartridges for lighters. Adapter tips: large wax/varnish-scraping knife for repairs in wood, hot knife for cutting even thicker plastic foil, 2 woodburning tips (angled and flat pointed), a soldering tip, a round nozzle for hot air work as well as one for heat-shrinking sleeves.

Also included: Soldering tin, drip tray with sponge and 7mm openend spanner for tightening the adapter tips.

Packed in plastic case with sturdy PP tray.