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Micro Heat Gun MH 550


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For shrinking sleeves, shaping and welding plastics, soldering and de-soldering of electronic components. For removing layers of paint and varnish without aggressive chemicals (pickling agents). For drying and accelerating curing processes (adhesives, paints). For applying and removing films (stickers). For browning wood.


Complete with 3 additional nozzles.


Housing of glass fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE with soft components in the grip area and footprints for stationary use.


A powerful heating element ensures a consistent temperature in 2 stages with an air flow of approx. 180l/min.


Installed thermostat as security against overheating.


230V. 500W.

Air temperature in Stage 1: 350 °C. Stage 2: 550 °C.

Air volume approx. 180l/min.

Weight approx. 500g.