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Drilling Device BV 2000


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Ref : 20.20002
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An accurate device for parallel drilling, thread-cutting and milling

Made of high-precision aluminium die-casting.


With two-way pivotable articulated arm and 20mm standard collar.


Once the device is clamped, it always remains vertically aligned. This means that, e.g. drill holes are always exactly perpendicular to the work piece surface! Preselectable drill depth using depth control with easy-to-read scale.


After drilling, an adjustable spring automatically pulls the device back into its top rest position.


Plane-milled solid base plate with 200 x 200mm usable table area and two continuous MICROMOT standard T-slots (12 x 6 x 5mm).

Stable drill column (Ø 45mm, 500mm long).

The standard 20mm collar enables precise clamping of the drilling device such as the precision drill/grinder FBS 240/E, professional drill/grinder IBS/E, long neck straight drill/grinder LBS/E, MICROMOT 50, 50/E, 50/EF and MICROMOT 230/E.


Professional drill/grinder IBS/E and step clamps are not included.