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Double Action Airbrush

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Prince August Double Action Airbrush


This dual action airbrush will allow you to adjust the volume by adjusting the needle stop and adjustable airflow by pressing the trigger.

Two buckets are available : the bucket by gravity closer to paint your room and suction cup to have a larger amount of paint when painting surface is greater.


Graduated pipette will allow you to take the precise amount of paint thinner or water you want to use. 


This box allows you to choose the formula that best suits your grip and work to achieve.


Three nozzles and three needles ( 0.2 mm - 0.3 mm - 0.5 mm) interchangeable with the key removal , allow you to adjust the accuracy of your sprays and your tracks.


The air hose reinforced braided canvas 1m80 offers a wide range for all your applications.


A 24 pages guide book will explain the basics of airbrushing and provide you all the technical information about your hardware .