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Disc Sander TG 125/E

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For fine sanding work and minor material correction.

For all wood types, steel, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, plastics and glass-fibre.

Powerful drive and vibration-free running thanks to balanced DC motor.

Aluminium table tilting downwards through 50°, 10° upwards, with angle stop.

Plane-turned sanding disc of die-cast aluminium covered with silicone film. This allows for effortless removal of sanding discs after use.

Two additional square silicone films offer easy storage after use.

Machine can be secured both horizontally (with table) on the workbench, and also quickly and safely in vertical position.

Suction connection and adapter to connect a vacuum cleaner for dust-free working.

With each 2 sanding discs grit 80, grit 150 and grit 240.

220 - 240 V. 140 W
50/60 Hz
Adjustable grinding speed of approx. 250 - 800 m/min (corresponds to 1,150 - 3,600rpm)
Sanding disc: Ø 125mm
Table: 98 x 140mm
Sanding height: 62.5mm
Size: 300 x 140 x 160mm
Weight: 3kg