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Cut Off/Mitre Saw KGS 80


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For clean, safe cutting to length of non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood.

Ideal for mitre cuts: Adjustments are made to the round table (with clamped work piece) and not to the head stock.

The opposite angle for a second frame part of identical length occurs through simple shifting with the longitudinal stop and by rotating the table by 2 x 45°.

Powerful, quiet DC-motor.
Smooth toothed belt drive ensures power transmission.
Tungsten-tipped saw blade for non-ferrous metal, wood and plastics (80 x 1.6 x 10mm, 24 TPI).
Base with round table of highly stable die-cast aluminium.

220 - 240 V, 200 W
50/60 Hz
Table 230 x 230mm
Weight: 6kg