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Clipper - Wooden Sailing Boat Kit

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The Clipper is a sailing boat which forms an excellent choice for that first step into the world of model boating.

The hull is of simple construction, and is assembled directly on the underside of the deck, i.e. the bulkheads, keel and centreboard are simply slotted in and glued in place.

The hull bottom and sides are supplied pre-cut from thin plywood, and are ready to glue to the structure.

The boat can be operated free-running, i.e. without a control system, or with a single servo for the rudder. The ballast on the centreboard is a piece of round steel rod, replacing the lead usually employed.

With this boat the young modeller quickly learns the essential techniques of built-up hull construction, as well as a basic knowledge of model sailing.

The kit is very carefully prepared, with the result that no tools at all are required to build the model; all the wooden parts are die-cut, and the aluminium tubing for the mast and boom is already cut to the correct lengths. Pre-formed wire fittings are provided, ready for sliding onto the aluminium tubes.

All you need to build the model is glue, modelling pins and adhesive tape. The kit includes all the wooden parts and fittings required to build the boat, plus rudder and comprehensive building instructions in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.


  • Width: 97mm
  • Height: 610mm
  • Length: 480mm