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Charger AP410AC

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Brand : A2PRO
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Battery charger for radio controlled devices

AP410AC - Multifunctional charger (NiMH, LiFe, LiPo)

Supply voltage: 110 to 240 V AC
Supported battery types: NiMH, NiCd, LiPo and LiFe
Number of NiMH / NiCd cells: 1 to 10
Number of LiPo / LiFe cells: 1 to 4 cells
Charging current: 0.25 to 5.0 A
Charging power: 50 W max
Balancing current (LiPo): < 500 mA max
Display: operating mode indicator / battery type indicator / cell number indicator Lixx
This charger has many automatic features that adjust the current and voltage during cell charging.

For Lithium cells, the charger uses a safe process that greatly reduces the risk of overcharging and explosions, usually due to user programming errors (only when using the balancing plugs of Lithium battery packs).

The Pro-Tronik charger uses a state-of-the-art balancing circuit that allows it to check and balance, in real time, each Lithium cell in order to optimise and secure the charging process.

We recommend not charging Li-Po batteries above 2200mA and 2500mA in Ni-Mh. The Pro-Tronik AP410AC charger can charge NiMh, LiFe or LiPo battery packs.