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Venetian Gondola


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Brand : AMATI
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Venetian Gondola: the Jewel of Venice 

Venetian Gondola: the Jewel of Venice
The Gondola used in Venice in the early 16th century was 10.8 metres long, 1.38 metres wide and weighed 600 kg.
Low, light and manoeuvrable, it was propelled by a single oarsman who stood at the rear left while rowing on the right, hence the asymmetry of the gondola, a modification introduced in the 19th century.  The transverse axis is shifted to the right to take account of the gondolier's weight, while the left side is more curved to maintain a straight trajectory.

An essential vessel in the City of the Doges, Amati's scale model of the Gondola is extremely faithfu

Laser-cut wooden hull for precise assembly.
Photoetched decorative parts 
Red fabric covering
Resin paddle

Building instructions with colour drawings and instructions.

Model dimensions :
Length: 495 mm
Scale: 1/22

Supplied with fittings
Supplied without glue or paint.